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Blackfork lawn & Snow is a family owned and operated business stared summer 2018 . After years of working in the lawn care and landscaping industry as a side job. A wise man once told me " if you do not chase your dreams you'll work your entire life for someone who did !"  

service with integrity 

We founded this company around the idea of knowledgeable teamwork, hard work and treating People with respect. service with integrity. With more baby boomers and genXers retiring everyday. There is a large market of landscaping , lawn maintenance and any lawn service work. So with honest work and competitive pricing, We hope to be doing business with you!  

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Blackfork lawn & snow started in plymouth / shelby area. We are actively expanding into larger markets like Ontario / Mansfield area. This company is build out of passion for the industry. A willingness to service the community with competitive prices and honestly labor ! too many times have we heard the horror stories about landscapers or other lawn care companies , taking advantage of elderly and sky rocket prices . Not here !! Black lawn promises an honest days work for honest wages !  People in or community work to hard for there income and contractors should not take advantage or price hike !